Creative Production and Management

In 2013 I joined Fandango as the Director of Creative under the new CCO and built a creative team of in-house designers, contractors, and external vendors. The structure for the team was based on communication, transparency, and empowerment — three tenets that allowed the team to be nimble. Communication of business goals and expectations were clearly conveyed so all team members understood their roles. Transparency of all projects’ status and priorities enabled flexibility, allowing team members to be brought in on a project without the need for onboarding. Empowering the creative leads in their respective areas created efficiency and improved responsiveness to all incoming creative requests.

Ultimately, this model proved to be highly successful as Fandango acquired multiple companies over the years. Each new brand required separate creative direction strategies and approaches, but a consistent underlying creative workflow. The team organizational and management structure proved to be scalable, able to accommodate new team members and brand and production work through all the various acquisitions.

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